Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Postcards redux

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     Okay. You use your smart phone, your laptop, whatever.

     You have your business on Facebook, and you joined a MeetUp group.

     Now let's talk postcards. If you've left postcards behind, consider bringing them back. If you've never used postcards in your business, give them a try. Snail mail still works.

     Picture postcards attract attention. They should show an engaging picture on one side. You know, the kind of picture that people keep or pass on.

     The color picture you want is an unusual scene, a photo of a pet, a pot of flowers, a snappy outdoor scene. Take a picture of the inside of your shop, your restaurant, a garden you've designed, your street, your sign. You get the idea.

     Whatever you do, don't put a picture of yourself on a postcard. The idea is to come in under the wire. Postcards work best when you avoid the frontal attack.

     On the reverse/address side, put your contact information--address, phone, website, Facebook, etc. You can announce a sale or an event. Keep it simple. Print everything on this side in blue. Use colorful stamps--not printed bulk mailers. Keep it personal.

     Recipients are current and potential clients and customers. Your postcard reminds or introduces who you are and what you do. 

     Postcards are easy--and inexpensive--to produce and mail. Many sources can be found on the Internet. Google Postcards and take it from there. Some are offered at very reasonable rates. Some even supply stock pictures (not as effective as your own). And some will mail to your mailing list. 

     Postcards get attention. And they are frequently kept. People tape them to their refrigerator door or post them on a bulletin board. Or they pass them on to friends. They have trouble throwing away an attractive picture.

     Direct mailers get tossed. Unopened direct mail envelopes are discarded. 

     An attractive postcard tugs at the heart. It's a soft sell that works.

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