Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Facebook pictures

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     There's just no doubt about it. Facebook is a godsend for small business.

     More and more small-business people are using Facebook. It is a giant leap forward for an operation trying to grow. And it is so easy to use.

     Example: The owner of a local landscaping business is driving to a job. He spies a clump of daffodils, the first flowers of spring. They are catching rays of sunshine as they nod in front of a stone wall. He stops, gets out of his truck, points his camera and snaps a close-up picture. A couple more clicks and the picture appears on his Facebook page. Customers smile as they sip their morning coffee, and they call the landscaper to schedule some work.

     Facebook and smart phones are revolutionizing small business. The process of reaching out to existing and potential customers has become very easy, quick, and inexpensive.

     Example: An attorney volunteered to speak to a local club. She specialized in helping businesses solve legal problems. At the end of her talk, she asked for permission to take some pictures of the audience--saying that she wanted to post them on Facebook. No one objected, so she snapped several shots of people sitting at rapt attention and uploaded to Facebook. Later that day, several people called, requesting appointments. 

     Pictures posted on Facebook need not be made by a professional photographer. In fact, a case can be made that stylized and doctored pictures don't work as well as those made by amateurs. You are capturing a moment that conveys a good feeling. And your business tags along.

     Example: I know a gift shop owner who reaches out to artists and artisans, helping them find buyers for their works. The owner displays the works in her shop, but more importantly, she photographs each new item and posts it on Facebook. She receives dozens of items each week. and photographs each separately. Every day, new pictures go up--a piece of gold jewelry, a glazed pot, a painted silk scarf, a turned wooden bowl. Customers get in the habit of checking this Facebook page daily--and they tell their friends.

     Pictures always attract attention. Pictures taken on the run, or in a meeting, or those of specific items you are offering for sale--all these can be used in small business.

     If you are not posting pictures on Facebook, you are missing business opportunities. Do it. 

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