Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Social media no-nos

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     The Internet has spawned all sorts of social media--Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of others. The interactions with friends, family, and others can be fun, useful, informative--and a great marketing tool. 

     People in small business early on discovered the value of Facebook. By posting pictures and short comments, regular customers are reminded of what you can do for them. And these regulars can quickly and effortlessly send your posts to others. Your circle increases.

     This represents a new and very valuable expansion of the referral networks you want to have in place. In fact, Facebook has perhaps done more to help small business expand than anything else invented. 

     Posting your quick pictures and comments on Facebook does not take the place of networking, community involvement, and other means of getting the word out. But it is a very valuable tool available to everyone.

     A quick post on Facebook and your marketing can explode. Recently, Twitter has begun providing a similar service. And so it goes.

     Use these tools to your advantage, but keep in mind some no-nos. The first thing to remember is, like they say about Las Vegas, what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. It is next to impossible to pull anything back or delete something once it's sent.

     This means that you don't post anything on the spur of the moment. No matter how clever your comment, no matter how great you think that picture is, don't post until you've stepped back and thought about it a moment. Of course, don't ever do anything personal.

     There is no privacy on the Internet. Whatever you post can possibly be seen by anyone at anytime, now or in the future.

     Of course a new flower arrangement by the florist is not controversial and can represent a good sales tool. The same applies to a photo of a new deck a construction specialist has just finished or pictures of existing equipment at the gym or announcing a grand opening or first anniversary at any small business. 

     When using Facebook or the other social media, always keep in mind your customers and your relationship with them. Keep your focus on your customer. You can get them to return again and again--and bring others to you--if you step in their shoes and look at your posts before you click the send button. 

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