Thursday, May 8, 2014

And another thing

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     It happens all the time. You've done it. I've done it. 

     We tend to pigeon hole our business friends. We remember them for one thing, while they engage in additional activities that might interest us.

     When you are running a business, you must guard against this. It's a constant problem--to tell, remind, inform, and otherwise educate your clients and customers in all the things you can do for them.

     Example: You hired a web designer and the result was spectacular. Then you needed someone to set you up in social media. So you called your web designer and asked for a recommendation. That's when he told you, "I do that. I can help you with that." You had only thought of your web designer in one way. And he had not informed you of the other things he could do for you. 

     Example: Clients depend on your accounting firm to handle their taxes. But they are not aware that your firm also helps business owners prepare for the eventual sale of the business. You must remind them of your additional expertise so that when the time comes that they need those services, you are the first one they think to call.

     Example: Regular diners are very happy with the healthy meals they enjoy at your small restaurant. But they forget that you also run a catering operation. When they are preparing for that family get-together or the corporate meeting, they call another caterer. You've missed an opportunity because you have not reminded them that you can do more. 

     "And another thing..." becomes a regular part of your conversation and interaction with clients and customers. The other things you do can grow your operation--if only everyone knew about them. It's up to you to keep the world informed.

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