Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chiropractors expand

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     Chiropractors usually build a practice over time. It can be a slow, unpredictable process. But several chiropractors I know have found a key to expanding the client base.

     Example: Bette became a doctor of chiropractic and opened the door to her small clinic. She knew it would take time to build a practice based solely on chiropractic treatments. And she had an idea that she could overcome this by immediately expanding the operation. Networking her way through the holistic and alternative health communities, she homed in on several specialists--experts in massage, nutrition, yoga and the use of hypnosis to help people lose weight or stop smoking. Separately, these small businesses struggle as independents. Together, she convinced them, they could form a wellness center that would appeal to a wider public. It has been a successful expansion, and she is now adding a licensed acupuncturist to the group. The new wellness center's website is comprehensive but easy to navigate.

     This example shows how several independents can come together to create a center offering more than any one of them might do alone. 

     Example: Another chiropractor concentrated his practice on sports and related injuries, together with the problems experienced by long-distance truck operators. He located his offices at a major truck stop on a heavily traveled interstate highway, resulting in a continuing stream of appointments. Then he reached out to the surrounding schools and sports teams to form relationships with them to handle their aches and pains. He is now putting in place relationships with area medical centers and clinics, so that referrals come to him from other doctors. He has limited his practice to chiropractic, but he has extended the business net far and wide. Appointments can be made through his website and on mobile devices. 

     This example shows how a chiropractor expands, not by bringing in other specialists, but by seeking additional avenues that feed the business. 

     Example: William is a chiropractor who loves his work. He attends every gathering of chiropractors, and he stays on top of every advance in the field. Expanding the business by being an expert is a different kind of expansion. He holds open and free informational sessions for the general public to expound on common problems and solutions--this results in more appointments. He provides free brochures to everyone--this results in educating the public and keeps the phone ringing. He has an extensive website--this builds confidence and traffic. He has written several popular books for laymen on the subject--this results in invitations to speak and royalties from book sales. He is invited to speak at area meetings of doctors at hospitals and clinics--this results in referrals by physicians not expert in chiropractic.

     This example shows how a chiropractor's expertise can propel the business to new heights. The pathways to success are many and varied.

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