Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gifts for dad

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     Buying a present for a father is difficult. My daughter has told me this, and I've heard it from others as well. So it must be true.

     Recently, I decided to tackle the subject of Father's Day in the business column I write for an area newspaper. It turned out to be relatively easy.

     Dads like activities. They like to eat and drink. They like making things happen. They like figuring out how things work. They like participating in various forms of games and entertainments. 

     Many small businesses have perfect presents for dads. And there's not a necktie in sight.

     Example: Many bars and taverns offer entertainments. Racks of televisions, pool tables, Karaoke, poker games, bar food and more are common. One I know brings in a live country music band every Friday and Saturday night, and dads of all stripes can be seen dancing to the foot stomping music. 

     Example: Small farms are small businesses. Several in my area are specialized. One local farm has a large herd of American buffalo. Another has over 75 Tibetan yaks. These farms concentrate on the butchered meats of buffalo and yak. Shoppers at the farm stores keep dads busy at backyard grills with unusual steaks and other cuts. 

     Example: A half-dozen or so small craft breweries are in my area. Dads can stop in these places to sample the current offerings. When you know what he likes, take home a case or a 5-liter box to surprise him on Father's Day--or any other occasion.

     Example: A dozen wineries are located within a 30-minute drive of my home. Several of these regularly win medals in national and international competitions. Many hold events throughout the year. Stop in just about any day to taste the wines currently available. And take home some bottles of dad's favorites. 

     Example: Big box stores and small operations alike offer all sorts of things that will turn a dad's head. Think tools he works with or the things he uses to outfit a vehicle. A friend's wife got her husband a form-fitting mat for the bed of his pickup truck. A simple gift, but he was ecstatic. Another dad got a dashboard holder for his phone. And my daughter sent me a set of unusual gardening tools--I'll think of her with every use.

     When it comes to pleasing dad with a gift, first get inside his head. Look at the world from his perspective. Home in on something he will use, enjoy, and remind him of you.

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