Friday, June 6, 2014

Tomorrow is today

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     Throw yourself forward in time a thousand years. Archaeologists are sifting through the remains of our civilization. They are perplexed. What could explain the millions of miles of paved roads and the vehicles that used them? 

     Gradually, the scientists home in on a theory. These ancient peoples were sun worshipers. They raced out of their houses at sunrise, driving around to welcome the sun. At sundown, they interrupted their activities to drive around the roads again to bid the sun goodnight. 

     Any given set of facts can be explained in very different ways. It's true with scientists, and it's true with people running businesses.

     Questions: Am I trying to move too quickly? Am I on top of the changing marketplace? Is the money for growth being generated fast enough internally? Do I really know my present clients/customers? Do my clients/customers really know what I do? Am I headed in the same direction they are? Do I pay enough attention to their needs and concerns? What can I do to better prepare for tomorrow? Should I be changing directions to better address tomorrow's marketplace?

     People in small business are fleet of foot. They can change directions on a dime. This is a great asset, but it can lead into blind alleys. Like the future archaeologists, people in small business can come to the wrong conclusions.

     Logical thinking is a great tool. It proves itself over and over again. But it is not the only tool. 

     Intuition is the tool that leavens the bread. If it feels wrong, don't do it. It means that logic has begun from a false premise. Go back to the facts and find the missing pieces.

     Now, go back to the top and read this again.

     From my lifetime of founding, growing and thinking about business, first in corporate America, and then in small businesses of my own. You can email me your questions at and put BLOG in the subject line so I don't delete. Your privacy is always respected. 

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