Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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     You might be missing opportunities to grow and expand. Rentals can be a path to increase your income.

     Look around your business for rental possibilities.

     Examples: A restaurant that's closed on Mondays can rent out the kitchen on that day to a beginning bakery that needs an inspected and licensed kitchen. A cafe that serves only breakfast and lunch can likewise rent out the kitchen in the evenings when it is idle.

     These days you can rent almost anything from a rental center business. These operations rent everything from furniture to televisions, chainsaws to lawnmowers, vehicles to boats, tents to portable toilets. Renting is the main thrust of the rental businesses. But you can do some rentals of your own.

     Examples: Florists and garden centers can rent out baskets of flowers and artificial arrangements to corporations, banks, medical centers, offices and others on a revolving basis. Painters and photographers can "rent" their framed works to these same places on a monthly basis--with a written agreement and insurance.

     Caterers in my area regularly rent the tables, chairs, even the silver and glassware to clients for events. One caterer I know also offers tents and dance floors. In other words, whatever the client needs.

     Example: A lady farmer in my area raises goats--and she rents them out. Goats will eat just about anything. Her rented goats clean out pastures and hedgerows. The goats eat poison ivy and those multiflora roses that are highly invasive. Goat rentals are not the lady's main business, but it provides an extra measure of income.

     All sorts of possibilities are available to you if you have a large space. Got an empty garage or barn? Rent it to local bands needing space where they can make some noise. Got a back room that's hardly used? Turn it into a meeting space for local clubs, organizations, and others.

     Example: A local winery rents out its facilities for private parties, corporate meetings, organizational gatherings, and other events. The winery setting is unusual and can add that extra edge to any event. And the wine maker is available for talks and tastings. 

     Put on your thinking cap. Find ways to add rentals to your offerings.

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