Friday, August 1, 2014

Pushing growth

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     Growing your business by doing the same things everyday is one way. Pushing growth by pushing yourself in new directions is another way.

     I'm not talking bank loans here. And I'm not talking getting away from your overall business plan.

     The idea here is to carefully select among the many client/customer requests you get, and home in on one or two that will push your business into new areas. 

     Example: A caterer usually delivered and served food to a client's guests. The business was expanded when a much more extensive job was accepted. This client wanted a big tent for a party, tables and chairs, a dance floor and lighting--along with the food and usual service. The caterer had been looking for just this sort of opportunity--it could push the growth of the business into areas beyond food. It was a new level of expansion, a new business branding, and would attract new clients. The event was successful--for both client and caterer. Many referrals came in from attendees at the party.

     Example: A chiropractor expanded the business by pushing into related areas of patients' concerns. Arrangements were made with a massage therapist and a nutritional expert. (These specialists sometimes do not have their own facilities.) To kick start the expanded services, the chiropractor held an open house offering free, brief sessions in chiropractic, massage, and nutrition. Several attendees made future appointments and referred others to the "new" place in town that offers continuing information sessions on health matters. 

     Example: Landscapers typically take care of gardens and yards. A landscaper I know had a good customer who wanted a decorative fence installed. The landscaper knew nothing about fencing, but he knew people who did. He accepted the job, and it pushed him into an area he had never offered before. Today, fencing jobs bring him clients not seen before. And the natural referral network goes round and round the neighborhoods.

     Looking for ways to grow, people in small business have a world of opportunities available to them. Rather than tackling growth as a big new project, try easing into a growth path.

     When a customer  or client trusts you, you can ride that wave of trust into other areas. This has the effect of pushing the growth of your small business. 

     You can get frustrated and stressed out looking to grow your business. The answer is always inside your own head. What you need is someone helping you find the way. That's what I do with these write-ups, and there's never a charge. 


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