Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Events attract attention

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     Need more clients/customers? Throw a party.

     Parties and events attract attention. Promoting your small business has never been easier. They're fun, and people are attracted to fun happenings.

     Parties don't have to be wild events. Parties come in many flavors.

     Example: Susan is a nutritionist. She loves to tell people about the benefits of raw veggies, whole foods, the health values of eating right. But how does she attract paying customers to attend her private consultations? Well, she had a plan. She found several local networking groups at At these meetings she homed in on other owners who had compatible small businesses--massage therapists, Reiki and yoga practitioners, chiropractors, hypnotists who help people quit smoking and lose weight. Susan convinced several to come together and hold an event designed around healthy living. They put the word out on Facebook and other social media. At the event, each of them talked about what they did, gave short demonstrations, invited and answered every question and passed out literature. They tapped into the public's thirst for knowledge in an informal setting. The events are continuing, and they bring a continuing supply of new clients and referrals.  

     Partner with other businesses to attract even more attention than you might when you act alone. If getting several businesses to come together seems too much for you, try just one.

     Example:  Victoria operates a small specialty bakery. She met Susan the nutritionist at one of the MeetUp networking events. Victoria's bakery attracts people with health concerns. In addition to regular bakery items, she offers gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, nut-free, lactose-free, etc. Victoria and Susan put together an event at the bakery, where Victoria set out a big table of samples and Susan talked about nutrition. Both answered questions and passed out information. The event attracted new customers/clients for each of them.

     Events bring people to you. All have questions, and these attendees bring you referrals.

     Example: Jack had a bigger idea. His upscale clothing store attracted regular customers, but like every other store in town, Jack wanted more. He trudged up and down the street, engaging every shop owner, and talking them into holding a town-wide event. Business owners bought into Jack's idea--every store agreed to participate by holding demonstrations, having drawings for products, giving away gift certificates, passing out free samples, providing activities for children, etc. Jack arranged for free musicians to perform, and artists came to work their crafts on the sidewalks. The big day came and the event attracted widespread attention, bringing new people to town where they discovered the shops and stores. The event helped turn the town into a destination, and these days Jack does it twice each year. 

     Small or big, events bring new people to your operation. The excitement created will pay off long after the actual event takes place. 

     You can get your business in front of new eyeballs by throwing a party--or an event. And what small business can't use new eyeballs? Do it, promote it, and they will come. And refer others.   

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