Friday, January 23, 2015

Farm businesses

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     Farmers and farmer-wannabes, take note. A small farm is a small business. And every small business can grow into something much bigger.

     A small farm can be a successful and profitable operation. See to the market and turn a small operation into a business you can be proud of.

     Example: Jill put her large backyard to work. She had a friend build 8 large raised beds, and she installed hoops covered with special plastic. Then she planted 16 different types of lettuce. While the seeds sprouted and the young plants grew, Jill made the rounds of chefs and upscale restaurants and returned with orders in hand. Today, she supplies fresh lettuce to her customers. Business is good and Jill plans to expand with spinach, chard and a variety of herbs. Her farm has grown into a backyard business that is supporting her family. 

     Example: Robert inherited the family farm. His father had raised corn on the large acreage, but Robert had other ideas. He sold most of the land, reserving about 10 acres. He set aside a couple of acres to plant strawberries. In the spring, he furnished strawberries to area restaurants, caterers, bakers and chocolate businesses. He also offered locals a chance to pick-your-own. His income arrives during late May and early June. Today, Robert has doubled the size of his strawberry plantings. He's now planning planting raspberries and blackberries so that summer and fall will be income producing. His father would be proud.

     Times change. People today are interested in farm fresh, healthy foods, farm-to-table produce. Tap into this, and just about anyone can establish a farming business.

     More examples: Jack had no space of his own, so he rented a farmer's barn and established a mushroom growing operation. Isabel cleared her mother's greenhouse and raises herbs. Woody lives in the city--he put in a hydroponic operation in an old, unused building where he began raising tomatoes, growing in a solution under lights. Woody's farm laughs at the winter weather.

     Today's markets grow out of today's lifestyles. It's all about the market and marketing. A comfortable living can be achieved with small farms. An even better living can be yours if you seize the opportunities and do the job right. 

     Farming is hard work. I know. I grew up on one. But growing things can be immensely rewarding--personally and monetarily.

      An ear to the marketplace can turn up all sorts of possibilities. The market is always changing. You gotta keep up if you are to match your dream to reality. 

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