Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Facebook how-to

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     Facebook has proved itself to be a fantastic promotional tool for small business. Posting a picture on Facebook is quick, easy, and free.

     Example: Kathy is a Reiki expert. Her client base is growing with referrals. She decides to expand by offering Reiki for pets. She snaps pictures of dogs and puppies and posts them on her Facebook page. People exchange photos with their friends and referrals come in. When Kathy wants to speed up appointments, she posts pictures more frequently. 

     Example: Sara runs a gift shop. It is a walk-in place and it is much more--she has a website and a presence on Etsy. Sometimes, she puts items up on eBay as well. Sara promotes with pictures--when consignments come in from artists (jewelry, paintings, photographs, ceramics and pottery), Sara takes pictures. These serve as a record and also get posted on Facebook and elsewhere as she considers appropriate. People are attracted to the shop and they order online. Pictures on Facebook drive the success of Sara's business.

     Example: Jeff uses Facebook to promote his garden center. His close-up pictures of blooming plants attract attention. In spring, he shows daffodils and tulips. In autumn, he shows asters and chrysanthemums along with pumpkins and corn stalks. The variations are endless. Facebook pictures drive people to his website. Then people drive to his garden center. 

     Example: Frank is an attorney. He regularly offers to speak at gatherings, club meetings, senior centers and other group sessions. He asks for and gets agreement to take pictures. He posts them on Facebook and they get passed around among friends. The result is that Frank gets calls from new clients, asking for an appointment to discuss some legal matter. 

     Facebook can work in any business. Snap pictures and post them. It is not necessary that the pictures be taken professionally. Just home in on something interesting, colorful or dramatic--a picture of butterfly can draw as much attention as one of the Grand Canyon. 

     The key to using Facebook to promote your business is the picture-taking. But you're snapping pictures all the time, aren't you?    

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