Thursday, June 4, 2015

Goodbye corporate

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     Leaving a cushy corporate position is not easy. I did it, and I can tell you that it is scary.

     Suddenly you're responsible for your own paycheck. That's a biggie. But there are other things to consider as well.

     In a corporate position, you have a whole organization to call on. Your computer is giving you problems--call the IT department. You want an electrical receptacle moved--call maintenance. You want a raise in pay--prepare your boss for a conversation.

     When you say goodbye to corporate, you leave all those resources behind. You're on your own. You handle everything. Instead of asking your boss for a raise, look in the mirror. 

     Example: Mary handled customer service for a manufacturing operation. She was very good at it, and she regularly got commendations and raises and promotions. But she wanted her own business. One of the accounts she handled asked her one day why she was working for someone else. "Why aren't you running your own business?" the man asked her. The question was a life changer for Mary. The more she thought about it, the more she came to the same conclusion. Handling customers was the key to any business, she came to realize. It's all about the marketplace and the customers. Today, Mary runs her own firm which represents a growing base of manufacturers. The key to her success is her appreciation for and insistence on jam-up customer service. Her reputation is such that new clients call her asking to be represented. 

     Example: Gene went to law school because that's the career path that was common in his family. He got a position in a big law firm and was on his way. But the thing that he really enjoyed was going home and experimenting with cooking. Finally, Gene made the big move. He left the law firm and opened a small bakery. It has not been easy, but Gene is happy now baking fancy cakes for all sorts of clients. 

     To leave corporate, concentrate on the thing that you're interested in and good at. Turn it into a business. You will find yourself jumping out of bed every morning and you won't mind the long hours.  

     Before you give notice, however, make certain that you do your own business plan. And make certain that you have enough funds to support yourself while you get the business off the ground.

     Saying goodbye to corporate and starting your own business is a major move. If you are not ready to take out the trash yourself or worry your way through all those computer problems, think twice.  

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