Thursday, June 18, 2015

Solving daily grind

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     Running a business is hard work. No doubt about that.

     Everything is on your shoulders. Little things, big things. You solve one problem and two more pop up. And all those bills are due next week.

     Example: In my own experience starting and running businesses, it has been extremely useful to keep a daily list. Big problems, small problems, appointments, things that needed attention. My list was handwritten and always in my pocket--no fancy electronics. The list organizes my time on an hour by hour basis. It prioritizes daily activities. I found my handwritten list much harder to ignore than an electronic calendar--no batteries, no distractions, no time lost. My list keeps me on point solving problems--quickly and efficiently. Even today, in spite of all the usefulness of technology, I still use my handwritten list and recommend it to others. 

     Example: Julie provides massage services to a growing list of clients, including pregnant women and patients recovering from surgeries. Out of left field, she got an opportunity to respond to a request for a free press release describing her services. She entered the deadline on her electronic calendar so she would not miss the deadline. Days later, she had a software problem. By the time she got everything working again, the deadline for the free press release had passed. The opportunity for free publicity was gone.

     Example: Bill operates a landscaping service. He keeps his cell phone with him at all times. But, sometimes, he's busily mulching a yard and lets calls go to voice mail. He will not ever let that happen again--he missed the call from a new corporate client and by the time he listened to the voice mail, the client had made other arrangements. 

     Small businesses operate in today's technological world. It's good to take advantage of all the help that tablets and iphones can be. But they are only helpmates, not the business you are running. 

     Keep your perspective. Your business focus is diluted when you get involved in the problems that technology brings to the table. 

     For all the help that today's electronic marvels can be, my solution--and ultimate backup--is still my handwritten daily list. It has never failed me.  

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