Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grow your clients

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     Opportunities to grow your business are all around you. One way is to grow your clients--educating them in all the things you do.

     Clients tend to put you and your business into a narrow category. When I need this, I call Angie. When I want that, I call Jim.

     Example:  John designs websites for clients. When he began to make it a point of telling each one of them that he could also set them up on social media, the calls came in. His clients had not made the connection until John told them. 

     Example: Sue is a hypnotherapist. She specializes in offering sessions on weight reduction and stopping smoking. Recently, Sue reached out to local physicians, informing them that she could help their patients with weight reduction and stopping smoking. It resulted in more calls. When Sue informed the physicians that she would also work with patients to handle pain management, even more calls came in.

     Example: Russ is an independent insurance agent. He has built up a client base filling various needs--homeowner's insurance, flood, accident, life. He began reminding clients that he could write other types of insurance--loss of business, key man or partners insurance, etc. This has expanded his business. 

     Example: Donna's restaurant was a go-to place for healthy meals. Customers regularly returned and referred others. Donna also offered catering, but she did not remind people often enough that she could handle their parties and special events. When she began reminding her regulars that she also did catering, business picked up. Using social media helped even more.

     Every business tends to settle into a comfortable routine with the customers and clients. And they tend to do the same thing. 

     Remind people of all the things your business can provide. Work it into a conversation, print it on your business cards, give a talk, put it up on social media. 

     Unless you remind customers and clients of all the things you can do for them, you'll lose some of their business to your competition. People tend to think of you in one way only--break out!

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