Friday, July 10, 2015

What business to start?

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     Many people want to have a small business. But they get confused on the way to deciding just what business to go into.

     Some look at franchises. Of course, there are many types of franchises. Some are well-known, others not so much so.

     Some that come to mind are pizza parlors and burger operations. You think that people must always eat and this provides an on-going income stream. Plus, the companies that offer the franchise also provide a certain amount of hand-holding.

     But there are many other ways to start a business. You might open a small shop or a cafe or other type of store. You might offer a product selling entirely from your website and run the operation from your home. The possibilities can be very confusing. 

     Always think through the possibilities before taking the plunge. Some of your most important work will be done before you actually start up.

     You start this process by looking in the mirror. What are your interests? A small business can be built around any interest you might have. 

     Example: Jesse built his business around his love of playing the guitar. Today, he has a small store where he sells guitars, repairs them, teaches others, and holds open jam sessions. Pictures on social media spread the word.

     Example: Marie is a potter who has created many special glazes. She works at home, but her website is very active. She regularly posts pictures on social media, and this generates traffic for her website sales. Recently, she was asked to participate in an upscale regional show. She is on her way, doing what she loves.

     Example: Matt loves sailing. He got himself certified in water safety and set up a sail shop at the local lake. He sells sailing gear and supplies--and sailboats. It took some time, but Matt never wavered in chasing his dream. 

     Build your dream business around any interest you might have. How you do it and how far you take it is up to you. 

      Always do a business plan before you launch your business. What is the market? What is the competition? How can you use social media to reach out and find your customer/client base?  

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