Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pathways to growth

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     Key employees are just that. They are key to building a business, keeping it healthy, expanding into the future. You are key. But you cannot do everything.

     Small business owners who want to propel their operations into the big time frequently look outside for talented individuals. It's a matter of complementing internal capabilities.

     Example: Jim runs a small firm specializing in solving the many technological difficulties experienced by small businesses when they attempt to promote their business on multiple social media platforms. (Whew!) To say it's complicated is an understatement. Many prospective clients do not understand the value of Jim's service when he attempts to sell his programs to them. Recognizing that he himself is lost in the weeds of technology, Jim hired Mary to pitch the service to prospective clients. Instead of concentrating on the technical aspects of Jim's services, Mary used her past experiences in small businesses of her own to "speak the language" of her targets. She concentrated more on the end game of growth and expansion than on the intricacies of social media platforms. She is adding more clients to Jim's firm.

     Example: Bob runs a small printing operation. His interests are in providing the best end products, in satisfying his customers in a timely manner, and in staying on top of the latest technological developments in the printing industry. Bob let the business grow by the natural referral process--because he had little interest or time to sell his service. To kick his business up to the next level, Bob began searching for a suitable partner--someone who could fill the gap in marketing and sales. He found Ted and brought him on board. Ted was a printing broker with a client following. His clients placed orders with him and he arranged the actual printing with various printers in the area. When Ted joined with Bob, many more clients were quickly being served in the new operation. Together, the two of them embarked on building a much bigger operation than either could have done separately. 

     You can complement--and build--your business by looking for complementary people. But it can be much more than adding people.

     Pathways to growth are many and varied. Additional services can enhance your appeal in the marketplace. Additional product lines can extend your reach in the community. Adding social media can explode your growth potential. 

     Whatever you do on your pathway to growth, do not neglect customer service. Give them what they want, when they want it, no questions asked.  

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