Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Educate your customers

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     Your business can handle more sales than you have. You can sell more. But you know that.

     Did you know that some of your customers don't know all the things you can do for them? Some get accustomed to coming to you for one thing, but they ignore--or don't know about--all the other things you do.

     You must educate your customers. It's up to you to tell them about all the things you can do for them. Otherwise, they tend to pigeon-hole you as expert in only one thing. 

     Example: You hired a web site designer and you were more than happy with the result. Now you need someone to set you up on social media. You call your web site designer and ask for a referral. Instead, he tells you that he also can help you with social media. He had never educated you in all the things he could do for you.

     Example: Your regulars enjoy your restaurant's healthy meals. They come back again and again and refer others. But you never reminded them that you also do catering--you can handle small corporate events, home parties, and the like. But you lost that business when they called a competing caterer. 

     Example: Fred handles taxes for several small businesses. He knows that few people in small business give much thought to selling their business or practice. He announces a free seminar and invites all his clients. There, he discusses how to get a business ready to sell, what a buyer might expect, how to negotiate, what value to place on the business, etc. He answers many questions. During the following month, Fred gets calls from business owners wanting a private meeting with him to further pursue selling their businesses. On-going, it represented a big expansion for Fred's operation--he now works with businesses wanting to sell their operation.

     Example: Linda is a reflexologist with many happy clients. They return again and again and refer others. She is also certified in hypnotherapy--helping clients with weight reduction, smoking cessation, and other problems. This has resulted in two sets of clients, so Linda continually cross-educates so that all her clients are aware of everything she can do for them. 

     Every time you interact with your customers, try to remind them of all the things you can do for them. Otherwise, they think of you in a narrow way.

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