Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Freebies for your customers

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     Showing you care about your customers is easy. It's a matter of staying on top of customers' expectations and interests.

     Example: Peg runs a specialized collectibles business. Her only store is her website. She sells vintage board games, computer games, video games, and related items. Peg promotes heavily on social media--Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In prior years, she charged for shipping. Today, just about everything ordered is shipped for free. In addition, Peg encloses a small free gift in every package that goes out. Her customers are a specialized lot, they are very loyal, and they refer others to her. 

     Example: Ana runs a restaurant. She promotes on Facebook, entering her specials every day. She gets lots of "likes" and a few comments that are negative. Ana responds to every "like" that comes in, and she also responds to every negative comment--putting a positive spin on her reply and inviting the person to get a free dessert when visiting.  

     Example: Julie is a massage therapist. To promote her services, Julie gives free demonstrations and talks at senior centers, group meetings, and corporate venues. These activities bring additional clients to Julie's place--many of whom have never before had a real massage. New clients always receive a gift certificate that they can use themselves or pass on to others.

     Example: Ken runs an auto repair shop. Customers needing major repairs always get more. Ken checks wiper blades, tire pressure, and several additional minor items--listing all this on the final bill, but entering "Our gift to you" instead of a charge. This builds goodwill.

     Example: Pepe runs a bakery. Every customer is invited to take a free cookie from the sample table he maintains in front of his display cases. Outgoing orders are bagged with a free cookie also. And he always asks the recipient for feedback on the freebie. It's Pepe's way of testing new products--sort of like a focus group. 

     Freebies can take many forms--whether you provide goods or services. Or whether you sell on the net or in a shop. Use your creativity.

     Freebies create goodwill among your present customers and clients. And that goodwill gets passed around, resulting in more referrals for you.    


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