Monday, November 16, 2015

Get rich with small biz

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     Getting rich can be a by-product of your chasing your dream business. Becoming wealthy might not be the goal, but it can happen.

     The reasons to set up a small business are many. They have to do with chasing that dream, being your own boss, seizing an opportunity, pitting your smarts against the marketplace, and earning a living. 

     Example: Ellie loved brownies. She knew there was a big market for them--to punch up meetings and to put the finishing touch on corporate and other events. But Ellie did not have a bakery, nor did she want one. She made arrangements to use a licensed kitchen--starting with a restaurant that was closed on Mondays. She began baking brownies and promoting on social media. She experienced immediate success, shipping to clients from her website and finding new ones on social media. Ellie ran the business for five years, growing every year. Then she sold out and retired.

     Example: Ranjeet is an expert in information technology. With social media exploding, he saw a unique market opportunity. He quit his corporate job and set up a small business showing other small businesses how to take advantage of the enormous opportunities they could access, using social media to grow their businesses. Today, Ranjeet employs several people and has hundreds of clients. Ranjeet is on his way to becoming rich. 

     Example:  Jon was a young man in a hurry. He used a sizable inheritance to establish an architectural artifacts business. He bought an old warehouse and filled it with items recovered from buildings being demolished. His stock included old windows and doors, iron fencing, antique gingerbread and banisters, hardwood carvings, used brick and much more. His clients are architects, designers, contractors and homeowners. He even recovered a motherload of yellow pine flooring, virgin wood dating back to the 1800s. Jon turned his inheritance and his dream into a business attracting well-heeled clients from far and near. 

     Getting rich depends on your efforts, your dream, your management, your alertness, your hard work and other things in your control. 

     Your dream is yours. Turning it into reality is up to you. It can put you on the road to becoming rich. 

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