Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Promoting with partnerships

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     Promoting is a continuing concern for small businesses. One way to extend the reach out into the community is by partnering with other small businesses. 

     This can be as simple as holding an open house, or offering free information, taking questions from attendees, giving free samples, and more. You already do this, but it can be much more effective when you partner with another business.

     Example: A chiropractor partners with a nutritional expert. They announce an open house. Emails go out, phone calls are made, a news release is sent, and the event is announced several times on Facebook. The big day arrives and people hungry for information show up. The chiropractor and the nutritionist talk about what they do, they pass out literature, and they answer questions from the audience. The session results in more clients for each of them.

     Example: A computer expert partners with a local cafe. Everyone has computer questions and everyone must eat. The audience enjoys a quick meal featuring locally-sourced farm products, and then the questions come, first about the value of healthy eating and what the cafe serves, and then about social media, viruses, new software, etc. The session draws new clients to each of these businesses.

     Example: A potter partners with a florist and they put together a free workshop. Demonstrations are provided. Attendees learn hands-on how to throw a pot, while others learn how to make an appealing flower arrangement and take care of house plants. By joining together, the two businesses attract many more than either acting alone. Subsequent Facebook pictures attract even more attention--and calls. 

     Example: A small independent book store partners with an ice cream shop. Book signings and readings for adults and children are held while attendees receive a free scoop. The sessions introduce new people to each operation. Later, pictures posted on Facebook bring even more.

     Events create excitement. Spread the word on Facebook and other social media. Two businesses coming together can create new customers for both businesses. 

     Success with promotions depends on getting the word out--ahead of the event. Facebook is a good mechanism to use.  

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