Thursday, December 10, 2015

Doing more for clients

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     Clients tend to see you for one thing only. They pigeon hole you. They file you away as a provider of one thing they need. 

     Joe takes care of my lawn. Mary is my fashion expert. Greg gets the kinks out of my neck. Amy styles my hair. And Frank makes the best coffee in the world. 

     In business, you must continually remind your customers/clients that you can do more. Otherwise, you'll miss opportunities.

     Example: Eli is an independent insurance agent. He has built up a client base filling their needs for insurance--homeowners, accident, life. He frequently reminds his clients that he can write other types of insurance--flood, loss of business, key man or partner insurance. It has brought more call and clients. 

    Example: Sue is a hypnotherapist. She specializes in offering sessions on weight reduction and stopping smoking. Recently, she reached out to local physicians, informing them that she could help their patients with weight problems and smoking addition. It resulted in more calls. When Sue informed physicians that she could also handle pain management problems, even more calls came in.

     Example: John designs websites for clients. When he informed them that he could also set them  up on social media, the calls came in. His clients had not made the connection until John laid it out and educated them. This has resulted in additional work--several clients now want their websites redesigned.

     Every business tends to settle into a comfortable way of doing business. And the customers/clients tend to settle into seeing you in only one way. 

     Remind people of all the things you can do for them. It helps to grow and expand the business among a client base already familiar with you.

     You can remind people in person of all the things you can do for them. Or remind them on Facebook and other social media.   

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