Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Freebie promotions

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     No matter how many times you hear the "free" word, it moves you. It is a magic word that people in small business can use to attract attention.

     You hear it and read it all the time. But you don't have to sell on television or mobile devices to take advantage of the "free" word.

     Example: Any small business can offer free workshops, seminars, demonstrations, information sessions, open houses, and the like. People are hungry for information and will attend free sessions. Chiropractors can explain just what chiropractic is--and offer short free demonstrations. Music and dance studios can show just what classical, modern, hip hop and jazz dancing is all about. Restaurants can hold cooking sessions. Accountants can talk about taxes--always a concern for small business and the general public. Any food place can offer a "free" sample table.

      Example: A fitness operation or massage therapist can set up free demos and introductory sessions. People attend, discuss, ask questions and perhaps sign up. The same holds for yoga and it is an hour well spent by the business owner. Even if no one signs up, a good impression is made--and the word spreads in the community. 

     Example: Many construction outfits and home improvement businesses charge a fee for an estimate. The company's reasoning is that it costs them to send out an estimator. In today's world, this can leave a bad impression. People expect estimates for free. Put the word out that your estimates are free--and emphasize it. This just might be the edge that gets a new customer to call you instead of your competitor.

     Use social media to get the "free" words out there. More will be passed around among friends, and this can get you referrals. 

     Freebie promotions should be part of your promotions. Promotions that include the word "free" work better than those that don't. 

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