Friday, February 26, 2016

Creative social media successes

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     No doubt about it. Social media offers exceptional promotional tools for small businesses. 

     Think about it. You snap a picture, write a few words, and post it on Facebook. The picture attracts attention, the words point eyeballs to your business, and the referrals come in. 

     It's quick. It's easy. It's cheap. In fact, it can cost you nothing except your time. And the same can be true for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. 

     Okay. Your business doesn't lend itself to pictures. This can present challenges if you are an accountant, an attorney, a therapist, a financial adviser or in other types of businesses.

     An answer to this problem might be right in front of you. You are not selling on social media. You are attracting attention. You want those eyeballs out there to stop for a moment and look at your picture. 

     Example: Greta is a massage therapist. She used Facebook to post pictures of her hands hovering over a client's shoulders. But using the same, or similar, pictures every week seemed repetitive. She began using pictures of her new puppy--curled up asleep, running in the yard, eating a treat from her hand. Greta found that these pictures attracted more attention than those showing massage hands. 

     Example: Judy is a nutritionist. She uses Facebook and other social media to post pictures of healthy plates of mouth-watering foods. In one picture, she included her cat--curled up on a window sill with a small display of apples and other fruit. It brought in more responses than anything else she had done. 

     Example: John is a caterer. Instead of showing all the things he could prepare to make any gathering successful, he began showing a single flower in a vase next to a place setting. It has become John's branding on social media--he posts a different flower blossom twice each week. John has become the go-to caterer in his area.

     Any business can use cuddly kittens and playful puppies to good advantage on social media. And close ups of flowers always attract. Remember, you want to capture attention first and foremost. Create a good impression in viewers' minds, and they will remember you. 

     Perplexed by social media and how to use it in your business? You might be trying too hard. Pets and flowers can be an answer in any business. 

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  1. So figure this out. If I post a picture of any new sign we do on Facebook I might get a reach of 75 to 100. If it's a restaurant, it's 200-300. For Gronsky's in High Bridge it hit about 700. Maybe I should sell gourmet hot dogs in the showroom....