Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Facebook world

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     Facebook has blossomed. The early days of friends keeping in touch has morphed into a formidable promotional tool for small business.

     Getting your business on Facebook is easy. They lead you through the set-up. It's simple and it's free. How does this compare with the other promotional tools in your toolbox?

     After you've established your presence, you're ready to post quick entries. Include a picture--you know, those pictures you are constantly snapping anyway. Eyeballs are drawn to pictures, and they don't have to be professionally done. Upload a photo with every post. 

     The viewer only spends seconds on your Facebook page. But that short time will keep your business in their minds. And they frequently will pass it on to their friends. This expands your referral network. 

     Examples: Massage therapists, chiropractors, and wellness centers post upcoming open houses, events, demonstrations that are meant to attract the public. A retail store posts upcoming sales, discounts, and newly received merchandise. A garden center posts an upcoming all-day, hands-on free session on building fences, patios, fire pits. A consignment shop reaches out to announce and show pictures of new items received. A law firm posts announcements of upcoming free seminars on elder care, social security concerns, reverse mortgages.

     Keep in mind that Facebook postings are quick reads for the viewer, and they are quickly disposed of. You might not get much activity from a single posting of an upcoming event--especially if you post it the day before the event. To attract more attention, post it two weeks ahead of the event, again one week ahead, and finally the day before--all with different pictures.      
     Get creative with the pictures you post. Use one of the pictures you snapped of the inside of your retail space. Show close-ups of dresses, coats, boots, jewelry. Go outside and snap a photo of the front of your store. Zoom in on hands doing a massage. Take a selfie to remind your customers and clients who you are. Pets attract attention--take a picture of your cat curled up around a bottle of beer. 

     You deserve all the help you can get in building your business, especially when it's easy and free. Go to Facebook.com and let them lead you through the set-up. 

     Facebook and other social media work in any small business. Some will work better than others. But you don't know how it will work for you until you jump into the pond.