Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Partnering for success

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     Promoting your business keeps it healthy and growing. You need to attract more customers--or you are losing ground.

     Yes, you can send out news releases now and then. Maybe they will get picked up and printed. Maybe not. You'll do better with social media. 

     You will have a better chance with news releases if you are announcing an event open to the general public. And one of the best ways to put together an event is to partner with another business.

     Example: An attorney specializing in elder law partners with a financial planner. They hold a session open to the public in which both discuss and answer questions about the problems of the elderly, the people who care for the elderly, and the special financial concerns that are involved. Announcements go out on social media. When the event day comes, the room is filled with potential clients for each business.  

     Example: A hypnotherapist partners with a chiropractor. You structure an event at the chiropractic offices. You blast social media (Facebook and others) with announcements targeting people who want to address weight problems and pain management. The event draws many people who get introduced to the ways chiropractic addresses pain problems and to the ways a hypnotherapist can help with overeating and smoking cessation. The partnering increases awareness and results in more client calls for both businesses.

     Example: A garden center partners with a landscaper. They structure an event for the general public at the garden center. People are attracted by the landscaper's talking about new garden designs, building fences and pathways, and designing new garden layouts. The garden center, of course, offers all the materials for sale. The event is announced weeks ahead of the all-day session on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. Future customers are attracted to both businesses.

     Example: A frozen yogurt store has a large patio out back. The store partners with a local book store which schedules an author's signing at the yogurt patio. People are drawn to the event. And they get introduced to each operation. The word about the event goes around on social media, and both businesses get good promotional feedback. 

     To partner with another business, look for some compatibility. You target many of the same customers, but you don't compete. Use social media to promote the event.