Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting the word out

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     So, what's the best way to get the word out and promote your small business? What methods work best?

     Many avenues are available to you--social media, websites, direct mail, print, radio, television, and Internet advertising.

     To figure out what avenue is best for you, look to the future market for your goods and services. 

     Social media is the new kid on the block. Think Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram--the list is long and confusing.

     Websites provide a business with an anchor. Keep your website simple and easy to navigate with information viewers deem critical. 

     Direct mail can be a post card resembling Facebook. Among all the forms of print advertising, the simple post card most closely resembles social media in effectiveness.

     Print, radio, television and Internet advertising might work for your business. Or they might not--they can be costly. 

     The key to sorting through all these possibilities can be daunting. To figure it out, keep your eye firmly focused on the marketplace you serve. 

     Example: Jen's business is counseling clients on nutrition and lifestyle. She helps clients with weight, health, and lifestyle. She struggled to get her business off the ground and to the next level, tried many things.
She had a website and she placed ads in local media and sent out news releases. The results were poor. When Jen looked at her target market, one thing seemed to pop out--weight. Weight was a problem on several levels with many people. She began to post before-and-after photos on Facebook and had post cards printed showing similar photos. This double-pronged approach worked well and was inexpensive. The Facebook photos got passed around, and more people began to call. The post cards included a discount--they got passed around also and they had a longer life out there in the marketplace. Jen's business increased.

     Only you can decide on the best way for you to get the word out. Whatever you decide, the methods you use must be in sync with the marketplace.

     You have lots of options today. But, remember that the marketplace is in constant flux. To get the word out effectively, use the methods that work for you and the market you serve. 

     In business, the marketplace rules. You are the supplier of goods and services. Always study the market to home in on what works best for you.