Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Acronym frontiers

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     Nutritionists, therapists, salons, spas and others can spruce up their marketing with acronyms. Acronyms today have become spiffy and smart marketing tools. 

     Among other things, Washington DC is known as alphabet city. Everyone knows the drill. We recognize and accept them by their acronyms--IRS, FBI, FHA, DHS, and there are dozens more.

     Some years ago, acronyms invaded health care. Today people are alerted to new concerns by the letters RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), CDE (Chronic Dry Eye), and OAB (Over Active Bladder). There are many more, and they serve to lift certain conditions to a new level of concern.

     There might be some marketing opportunities for small businesses in the rage to create new awareness for products and services. Therapists, nutritionists, salon and spa specialists suddenly have a new toolbox with which to promote their businesses.

     Example: Nutritionists can attract new clients by applying acronyms to the conditions they tackle. People are more likely to hire a nutritionist to help them overcome STM than admit they have Sweet Tooth Madness. And they will consult a nutritionist to help with OES much more quickly than they will mouth the words Over Eating Syndrome. Then there is BSC or Bulging Stomach Condition. 

     Example: Therapists can offer treatments for WPD rather than insisting that clients call for an appointment to overcome a Will Power Deficit. FOB can bring some calls from the timid, but everyone will be loathe to admit to Fear Of Bullies. Further, therapists might partner with nutritionists to hold group sessions on ICA or Ice Cream Addiction. 

     Example: Salons and spas already attract attention with many treatments. But if clients could say they have CCS rather than Creeping Cellulite Syndrome, they more likely would sign up for sessions. How about FWG as a special concern, instead of admitting to Fine Wrinkles Galore? Or, how about calling for an appointment to work on LSE as a condition to be vigorously treated, instead of walking in the door with Liver Spots Everywhere?

     To keep ahead of the marketing game, small businesses must keep abreast of the changing ways of the culture. People don't like to call things what they are anymore. They want relief from reality.

     Changing the meanings of words is quite common today. We see it in every segment of our society. Just look at how global warming morphed into climate change.

     If the words and phrases used to describe your products and services have become hackneyed and old fashioned and otherwise out of date, consider the acronym. You can hide almost anything behind three little letters--appealing to a wider market in the process.

     A lot of the foregoing is tongue in cheek. But there are some serious realities lurking here and there. See to your marketing.