Monday, July 6, 2015

Today it's videos

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     You've heard it. It's all over television. "But wait! For the price of one, we'll send you TWO with FREE shipping."

     Certain words and phrases always attract attention. No matter how many times we hear "But wait!" or "SALE" or "FREE" we react.

     The reason has to do with boredom. Boredom is toxic. Our brains are wired to avoid boredom. 

     No one likes to walk the same path over and over again. It can be boring to eat the same meal day after day. Fashions continually change to avoid boredom. Only a few classic movies ever get watched a second time.

     "But wait!" and "SALE" and "FREE" tell us that something new is coming our way. These words attract our attention because something unexpected follows. It's all about us, not the product or service.

     Pictures perform much the same function. A still photo invites us to wonder what's going on and what's to follow. A moving picture takes it to the next level. So Facebook has added video, and it was as predictable as sunshine follows rain. 

     Example: Charlene struggled to sell enough of her handmade silk scarves to support herself. She priced the scarves high to better define her target market. She placed some on consignment in upscale shops and she offered them on her website. This brought in more sales. Still, it was not enough to pay for her daughter's college bills. She decided to take the plunge and make a video. It was a short 3-minute affair that she posted on social media. In the video her scarves floated in the breeze, they wrapped around necks, they fluffed atop chic outfits and complemented hair styles. Today, Charlene struggles to keep pace with orders--which, of course, she ships "FREE". 

     When you are promoting your business, keep your target market in mind. Always avoid boredom, because boredom will send your clients/customers looking to your competition for relief.

     Certain words and phrases are more valuable to light the fires of interest in your products and services. Pictures can do a job better than words--especially when you turn pictures into videos. 

     Videos invite participation by people you are trying to attract. Get out of the boredom business. Get creative and reach out to new clients and customers with a video.