Monday, March 7, 2016

Flash on social media

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     So you discovered the value of promoting using social media. You regularly post pictures on Facebook and others. And it works.

     You can also do some simple things to increase the value of your social media postings. It begins with paying attention to the pictures you take and post. See to what's included in the pictures.   

     Do you know the value of flashy pictures? Do you include bling and flash in the pictures you take? Do you pay attention to the things that actually snag the most eyeballs?

     Example: A local dentist takes close-ups of toothy smiles showing teeth that are perfect and gleaming. Facebook entries emphasize the ease of getting that youthful smile back. Sometimes, the dentist's pictures show before and after. Other times, it's simply lips parting to capture that toothy smile. These pictures bring in calls for appointments. 

     Example: Eva operates an upscale shop specializing in women's clothing and accessories. She offers fashionable outfits from up-and-coming designers. Throughout her shop, Eva displays lots of flashy ornamentation and accessories. She changes her shop's window every week--taking pictures that she posts on Facebook. All her pictures show lots of jewelry, handbags and shoes in the latest styles. The social media postings draw shoppers, and her window draws in the curious. 

     More examples: Pet shops attract social media attention with puppies wearing flashy collars and coats. Hair stylists put sequins in the hair of party-goers. Attorneys specializing in elder care show smiling grandparents passing favorite things on to their grandchildren. Yoga instructors show photos of seniors throwing away their walkers. Food stores post pictures showing mouthwatering meals anyone can prepare in minutes, including the recipes. Garden centers show before and after pictures of nondescript yards turned into beautiful gardens.

     Turning your Facebook and other social media postings into compelling attractions is easy, quick and cheap. In fact, most successful picture postings cost you nothing except your time. And ingenuity. 

     Pictures on social media are not meant to sell. They are meant to attract attention, snag eyeballs, get passed around. 

     Get creative in your business. Use social media to promote and draw in more customers and clients. You're limited only by your imagination.