Thursday, July 30, 2015

Using freebies

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     to help you better manage your small business.

     Everybody loves freebies. Offer a freebie and step aside to avoid the stampede.

     Today a freebie is much more than offering free delivery or free shipping. These attract buyers, but social media has opened the door to a much wider appeal.

     Example: Linda fell in love with yoga. She practiced yoga and went on to receive several certifications and became a sought-after teacher. To grow her business, she began offering free introductory training sessions through her website. She promoted using social media, and this brought her many new clients--both private and group sessions at her offices and additional clients looking to become certified. A group of interested clients in a distant city arranged for her to come to them for extensive training sessions. The free introduction attracted more interest, and today she travels to groups far and near.

     Example: Helen was a dental hygienist who became very interested in minimally invasive dental hygiene. To reach out and attract clients for her coaching services, she developed a series of short webinars, free and offered to anyone interested. The free sessions resulted in new clients who signed up for her coaching services. She drives interest through her use of social media--Facebook, Twitter, and others. 

     Example: James is a master gardener. He designs and installs gardens for clients. To reach out and attract new clients, James offers free consultations to prospective clients. Additionally, he offers monthly free talks and demonstrations, open to the public. All these are promoted on social media. His free demonstrations include showing how flowering plants and shrubs can create an attractive landscape with minimal maintenance. He includes discussions of water features, walkways, fences and gates. His freebies are built around educating prospective clients in the possibilities of projects he might do for them. He fills his Facebook page with new pictures two or three times each week.

     Using freebies can help you build your business. But it's a lot more than free deliveries locally or free shipping nationally.

     When you offer free demonstrations, free open houses, free samples, free information, the public is interested. And always use social media to get the word out. It works.