Friday, June 19, 2015

Pets and vets

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     The pet industry in America has been exploding for years. The trend is driven by more people having more pets.

     It's not just dogs and cats, although they represent the main thrust. It's also pocket pets (hampsters, mice, etc.) as well as reptiles, insects, birds, fish and other aquatic species, and more. 

     People will spend as much on their pets as they will on themselves--sometimes more. Traditional veterinarians still treat injuries and maladies of dogs, cats, farm animals, and more in their offices. And some make house calls, and others, of course, make farm calls.

     What's happening is enlightening. More and more holistic practitioners are offering their services. This segment is exploding the field again.

     Example: June was a traditional vet. She treated dogs and cats in her offices. Today, she has become certified in acupuncture for animals. Many of her pet patients are helped with acupuncture procedures.

     Example: Takisha used to treat only humans with Reiki and massage. She expanded her practice by becoming certified in canine massage. Today, she treats not only her human clients, but their dogs as well. 

     Example: Alan is a physical therapist specializing in rehabilitative procedures to help people recover from surgery, injuries, and problems experienced by the elderly. He expanded his practice by educating himself in the anatomy of dogs. Today, he still treats humans and also their canine friends that need physical therapy. 

     Example: Leeza specialized in equine chiropractic. She kept the horses in tip top shape with her therapies. She decided to extend her practice to include dogs and cats. This rounded out her practice by seeing more animals than just horses. 

      The marketplace has expanded for both veterinarians and holistic practitioners. And it shows no sign of slowing. 

      If you are either a vet or a specialist in any of the holistic practices, consider expanding in a direction you might not have considered.

     No matter your business, keep a keen eye on the marketplace. It's always changing. And it can lead your small business in another direction.