Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Event promotions

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     Promoting your business is a constant concern. You need to get more clients and customers to visit your website, walk in your door, or otherwise buy your products and services.

     Example: Jill is a massage therapist. She attracts clients by offering free demonstrations at corporate gatherings, senior centers and organizational meetings and events. It's a simple and quick chair massage that introduces people to the benefits she can offer. These demonstrations get the word out to new people and they tell others about it. New clients call Jill for a regular appointment.

     Example: Jim is an artist specializing in plein air work. He regularly holds classes for people interested in his specialized painting techniques. This gets him publicity on Facebook and in local newspapers. It also adds to his income.

     Example: Edgar is a landscape designer. To find new clients, he gives seminars at garden centers and organizational meetings. To attract attendees, he posts pictures on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. 

     Example: Frank is a dentist. He holds an open house every three months, talking about various topics. One will be particularly directed at children. Another will show before and after pictures of dental implants. And one invites the public to ask any questions they might have. These are relaxed settings, and they attract new clients to his dental practice.

      Example: Tamara sells her bakery products online. She offers overnight shipping for scones, brownies, and other goodies. Her website attracts attention, but to promote, Tamara uses Facebook to offer specials once each month. The Facebook site brings in new customers attracted by the pictures--and freebies--she offers. When an order is filled for brownies, she always includes free samples of scones and cookies.

     Example: Sue runs a bed and breakfast. On holidays, she offers free tours of the place with free food and wine, especially targeting corporate types who can point new clients to the inn. 

     Any small business can offer events to promote the business. Put on your thinking cap. You might go it alone or you can partner with another business.

     Events attract attention. And attention expands your business reach into the community--it brings new people to your shop or online or both. Get creative. The event you hold can result in more publicity.