Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Persistence pays

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     You run your own business. You are creative, hard-working, tenacious and stubborn. But sometimes you get confused.

     It's an everyday kind of confusion. Not to worry.

     Example: Takisha runs a neighborhood cafe. She used her grandmother's recipes and good advice to establish the operation. Customers rewarded her by returning again and again--and by referring others to the food she served. After a year or so, the business leveled off. Takisha knew that she had to reach out beyond the neighborhood in order to grow. She tried print ads, coupons, and a postcard mailing. There was little success. Then she hit on the thing that worked--she posted pictures of plates of food on Facebook. The pictures got "liked" and passed around. Suddenly, people from other areas of town showed up. Takisha is thinking about renting the space next door and expanding. 

     Example: Kathy is a massage therapist. She has built up a clientele that is growing--slowly. To speed up growth, Kathy partnered with others to offer free informational sessions. She brought in specialists in nutrition, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and others. Once each month, a specialist joined Kathy in explaining and demonstrating and answering questions. The sessions helped Kathy speed up her growth by introducing her massage therapy to others who were attracted to the sessions. The other specialists enjoyed growth as well. 

     Example: Bill is a landscaper. He needed to add new equipment and a truck to his operation. Banks turned him down. To get the money, he searched the Internet for companies that specialized in loaning money to small businesses. He found one that suited his requirements.

     Worrying about your business is normal. Separate the problems and focus on one thing at a time. Tackle confusion by listing problems. Then solve them one at a time. Work your way through your list. 

     The paths to success are many. What works for you might not work for me. Find your own path. Never give up!

     Persistence pays. Learn to compartmentalize. Separate your problems and you'll find it easier to solve them--one at a time.