Friday, April 3, 2015

Professionals expand

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     Therapists, accountants, lawyers, consultants, medical practitioners and others can find it difficult to attract new clients. Today, one reason is that they have been slow to take advantage of and use social media as a promotional tool.

     Example: Sue is a CPA specializing in taxes. After getting permission from some of her clients, she took pictures of them when she announced they were getting big tax refunds. The surprised and smiling faces of clients now pop out on Sue's website. She posts them on Facebook as well. The word spreads and calls from referrals come in. It's not just about tax season. Businesses have on-going tax problems throughout the year. 

     Example: Frank is a business coach. He helps business owners with cash problems, growing pains, product branding, and more--advising them on ways to streamline their operations and grow. He put his profile on LinkedIn, and he followed up by posting a series of questions and answers that typically concerned owners of small businesses. This resulted in comments and more questions from readers. He answered all of them, directing them to his profile on LinkedIn as well as to his website. All this activity has resulted in some new clients. 

     Example: Tom is a young attorney. He spends several hours a week at his computer. On his website, he writes a brief blog two or three times each week. Here, he discusses in general terms the problems people can face--what to do with traffic tickets, getting sued, the differences between types of business organization--partnerships, incorporation, LLCs, etc. No legal advice is given out in his write-ups. They are designed to educate and inform. He drives prospective clients to his website, and to the blog, with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. New clients regularly call his office.

     Other professionals can use social media to find new clients. Therapists, dentists, chiropractors, consultants, engineers, designers, medical practitioners and others are today tapping into the public's thirst for information.

     You attract attention and provide useful information on social media. You are at the beginning stage of forming a relationship. Social media is all about the reader, not the sender. What you post should be about them, not you. Be brief, but always provide a way for them to reach you.

     Many additional examples of using social media are scattered throughout these write-ups. As a promotional tool, social media can provide professionals many ways to grow and expand.