Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two-party promotions

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     Promotions are important for small businesses. Different businesses use different types of promotions. What works in a restaurant will not necessarily work in a car wash. And vice-versa.

     Some promotions--open houses, free information sessions--work well in many businesses. These activities are easy to set up and cost little, or nothing in some cases.

     Example: A cafe brings in a group of musicians who perform Irish music on authentic instruments. The word goes out and crowds show up waiting to get inside.

     Example: A garden center hosts free sessions by experienced gardeners attracting a public hungry for information on working their yards. Experienced gardeners are happy to share their knowledge and answer questions posed by attendees.

     Example: A winery hosts art shows. Artists get sales opportunities not otherwise available to them, and the winery attracts more upscale visitors to sample their wines--and buy a case to take home.

     Example: Spas and salons brings in holistic practitioners to offer introductory sessions explaining their services. This can lead to more substantive sessions for both the spa and the holistic experts in nutrition, hypnosis, Reiki, massage, and others.

     All these examples are drawn from actual experiences in businesses I know.

     To set up your own promotions, think outside the box. What can get attention? How can I contain costs? What can I set up to bring in the types of new customers I want to reach?

     When you've homed in on the promotions you want to offer, get the word out. Post to your Facebook page and your MeetUp group. Don't have these? Get them and never look back.

     Questions? Email me direct at and put BLOG in the subject line. I am retired and I am NOT selling anything. Your privacy is always respected. 

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