Thursday, May 15, 2014

Face the music

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     When you're growing a business, you need to face the music from time to time. Old songs lose their edge. Singing styles can change.

     The music that moved you in the past can start to show its age. When this happens to you, get yourself into a quiet place. Leave behind the phone, the television, and all the other technological distractions.

     Ask yourself some honest questions. And start the process to get some honest answers.

     1. Where am I headed? Do I need to rethink this thing? Do I spring out of bed every morning? Despite the daily grind, am I as enthusiastic as when I began? 

     2. Am I in the right business? Has the world passed me by? Should I consider changing my direction? Should I close the door and begin again?

     3. Can I grow internally? Or do I need funds to help me take the next step? Is my business plan sufficient to support the road I'm taking? Do I need a new business plan?

     4. Am I comfortable using the new social media? Do I need to educate myself in the value of Facebook? Is this a directional change that I want to take?

     This is not a weekly exercise. But it will prove useful to do at least a couple of times a year.

     Asking these questions in that quiet session will result in an amazing thing. It will focus you on the future. It will help clarify goals. It will bring the long term aspects of your business to bear on the daily grind.

     With answers comes a fresh look. Not necessarily at the time you put yourself through this, but later. At odd times, all sorts of ideas will begin to pop into your mind. It's a way to force some organization on the mental processes. It helps you get beyond the daily stresses.

     It's good to face the music now and then.

     Questions? I retired when I turned 75. You can email me at with your questions. Put BLOG in the subject line so I don't delete it. Quick answers from my 40+ years experience founding and growing small business. Your privacy always respected. 


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