Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's free!

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     You've heard it. It's everywhere.

     The picture of a product bursts across your screen. You've never seen it or heard of it. But the voice is telling you that you cannot live without it.

     "But wait! We'll double the offer. You get two for the price of one."

     It's a variation on the "free" theme. And it works--much of the time.

     No matter how many times we hear the word "free" it move us. It's a magic word.

     People running small businesses should be using the "free" word. You don't have to sell on television or mobile devices to take advantage of this.

     Example: A fitness operation can set up a free introductory session. People can come to the gym, meet a trainer, discuss a particular interest or problem, and maybe sign up. The same holds for yoga and other holistic practitioners. It is an hour well spent by the business. Even if the potential client doesn't sign up, a good impression results. And the word spreads in the community.

     Example: I've run into construction outfits and home improvement businesses that charge a fee for an estimate. The company's reasoning is that it costs them to send out an estimator. In today's world, this leaves a bad impression. Estimates for work to be done should be free. People expect it. Put the word out that your estimates are free, and you separate your business from those that charge for estimates. 

     Example: Offer free workshops, seminars, information sessions, open houses, and the like. People are hungry for information and will attend free sessions. Chiropractors can explain just what chiropractic is--and offer free demonstrations. Music and dance studios can show just what classical, modern, hip hop and jazz is all about and how they differ. Restaurants can hold cooking classes. Accountants can talk about taxes--always a concern for small business owners. Any place offering food can set up a free sample table. 

     I've discussed in previous blogs additional ways small businesses can use "free" to attract attention. Put on your thinking cap and figure out how you can use "free" to broaden your client or customer base. Your operation is a very unique expression of yourself. And "free" helps get the word out.

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