Monday, September 1, 2014

Opportunities everywhere

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     People in small business are where they are because of opportunities. America is the land of opportunity. Ain't America great?

     Opportunities are everywhere you look. A few are good, most can be discarded. 

     When you are young (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s), you take advantage of opportunities. You try different things. You explore different paths. As you get older, it gets harder. 

     Example: When I was in high school, I saw an opportunity to start a student newspaper. At the time, no student newspaper existed there. So I began one. It was a naive production, but I got it off the ground--with lots of help from teachers, other students, and a pipe-smoking hot lead typesetter at the local newspaper. The experience set me on a path that has led me to write every day of my life. Over the years (I'm now 78), I have started-up many publications. And I founded a printing business in Manhattan that lasted some 30 years. 

     When an opportunity presents itself, you must make a decision. Either you run with it, or you let it pass. 

     Example: Ellen was a licensed massage therapist. In business for herself for a couple of years, she often had downtime. One day another massage therapist suggested that she and Ellen become partners--the idea being that partners would share expenses and attract more clients. Ellen did not see it the same way, and she turned down the opportunity. Then, a Reiki specialist suggested a similar arrangement. Ellen took this opportunity and the two formed a wellness center. Today, Ellen still offers massage, along with Reiki, acupuncture, hypnosis, nutrition, and more. 

     Choose carefully among the many opportunities that come your way. Look for the best fit that can get you where you want to go.

     Whether you are a lawyer or a landscaper, choose opportunities that fit with your business plan and long term goals. It's up to you to nurse your business along. 

     Life is about choices. So is your business success. Consider every opportunity, but run only with those that fit your goals. (And see previous write-ups for more.)

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