Thursday, October 2, 2014

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     Getting the word out is always a problem. Keeping it out there floating around your area of influence is another problem. 

     People in small business have wrestled with this problem since the beginning of time. And they have spent many dollars trying to advertise--who they are and what they do.

     Facebook came along with a solution to this advertising problem. Along with other social media, Facebook is quick, easy, effective--and free! 

     If you are just starting up, don't be intimidated. Log onto, follow some very simple instructions and you're suddenly out there in the big new world of connectivity. If you're still intimidated, simply ask any teenager for help.

     Example: A small women's clothing store uses Facebook to stay in touch. Upcoming sales are posted with pictures. Coupons are posted with pictures. An upcoming open house is posted with pictures.

     Example: A massage therapist posts pictures on Facebook showing people (no faces) getting all sorts of treatments--just hands working on bodies. The comments are about relieving muscle aches and pains, relieving stress, relaxing--and extending an invitation to get a free introductory session.

     Example: A garden center announces a half-day free hands-on session on Facebook showing homeowners and professionals how to build a patio, a fire pit, a brick wall. The pictures show hands only hard at work with pavers and bricks.

     Example: A law firm uses Facebook to announce upcoming free sessions on elder care, social security concerns, and how to deal with all those speeding tickets. Releases are always obtained from people whose faces are shown in the pictures. 

     Example: A consignment shop reaches out to Facebook friends, showing new items arriving at the bricks and mortar store. Pictures of jewelry, vintage clothing, collectibles and furniture attract attention and bring new customers to the shop.

     Facebook and other social media can work for any small business. Some will work better than others. But you don't know until you try. Run with what works.

     The icing on this cake is that Facebook reaches out to your friends and customers, and then they pass the word on to their friends. Your posting on Facebook can start the ball rolling.

     The key is the picture. People in small business should be snapping pictures every day. Upload them to Facebook with a brief comment and you're done. Pictures do not have to be professionally done. These are quick snapshots to promote--they don't have to be gallery-grade.

     Get in on the revolution. Use Facebook and other social media to get the word out--at least two or three times each week. Today, it's a fast-moving world.     


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