Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Use social media

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     Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are the big four in social media. They dominate the customer information space. And they compete ferociously with each other.

     The big four and others (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) have developed many opportunities for small business people. Get in there and ride the wave. 

     Example: You are a holistic therapist specializing in Reiki. You write two sentences on relief from stress and muscle pain and post with a picture showing hands hovering over an ailing body part. Put it up on Google+ and LinkedIn.

     Example: You own a restaurant. Get an app so that your customers can check out your specials for the day, make a reservation and place their order while they are on the way to your place. Post pictures of mouth-watering entrees daily on your Facebook page.

     Example: You are a graphic artist turned photographer. Get your portfolio together and publish it as an Amazon e-book. Make connections on LinkedIn, teasing with a picture, and point them to your Amazon e-book. If you're looking for a position, grab your Kindle and show your interviewer what you've accomplished using Amazon's technology. 

     Example: You own a consignment shop. To attract attention you post pictures of newly received items on Facebook. The word spreads to your regulars--and they pass on the pictures to their friends, enlarging your circle of customers. Consignment shops have become more popular in today's lagging economy. Reach out and show the world what you have to offer.

     Don't know how to access and use social media? Go to their web pages. They'll guide you through the simple process. And for the most part, it's free. 

     Once you get the hang of it, you'll be snapping pictures all the time. Post a picture with a few words and you're done with your advertising for the day. 

       Social media is a godsend for small business. You can reach the world with the click of a button. Your elderly customers/clients might still want to get a postcard delivered by the post office. But the mailbox of the future is filled with pictures delivered by social media. 

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