Friday, November 21, 2014

Increasing sales

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     The days of the hard sell are long gone. Yesterday's used car salesmen are dead.

     Social media has turned people loose. The options are many. And it's all about the buyer, not the thing being sold.

     People today search out their interests just as they always did. But older conversations across the picket fence are today replaced by likes and tweets and selfies.

     Brands are still important. Those that are successful now take on another dimension. It's not about what's being sold, it's about who's buying.

     Pushing a product or service today has more to do with the pushee, not the pusher. Big business has been a big pusher in the past. Today, the siren song they sing is more likely to reflect the target's tune.

     People in small business have always done this. It's because they are closer to their clients/customers. And the space between them has been reduced even more.

     The concerns of client/customers get answered by owners of small businesses. After all, they're usually standing in front of each other.

     Social media is simply another way to get up close and personal. The distance between the pusher and the pushee has been reduced. It's face to face.

     Small businesses have been quick to see the promotional power of social media. They have known for some time that selling is best done by informing. 

     Get the information out there, and the product will follow. Clients/customers already know the brands. They're now drilling down to match their interests with products/services. Social media fills this gap between the web site and the sale. 

     Branding is still important. But a small business is its own brand. And selling is all about who's buying. It ain't the product or service. It's the buyer. 

     More on selling and marketing can be found in other write-ups in this blog. And most of my write-ups include examples so that business owners can better relate to the things being discussed.

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