Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Attracting clients

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     Here are a dozen ways to help you attract new clients and keep current ones coming back. New customers and clients expand your business reach in the community. And bringing present ones back to you can keep them talking about you and what you do.

     + Attend networking meetings. Introduce yourself and your business.
     + Ask existing clients/customers for referrals. Remind them often.
     + Keep your Facebook page active. Snap pictures and post them.
     + Join local organizations. Volunteer to help.
     + Form a group centered around your interests. MeetUp is free.
     + Get your business on Angie's List. It can bring new clients.
     + Hold an open house. Explain and demonstrate what you do.
     + Offer free "how-to" workshops. People love to learn new things. 
     + Build your email list. Send out brief announcements.
     + Send out news releases to local papers. Some will get printed. 
     + Offer your expertise as a guest speaker. Organizations are looking for you.
     + Offer freebies and gift certificates. Put coupons on your web page and Facebook. 

     Some marketing experts say that new customers are more valuable than existing customers. They represent future value. And, let's face it, for one reason or another, you will lose your existing customers--they move, they find another supplier, they just disappear.

     Examples: I know an exercise and fitness operation that offers a free initial consultation with a personal trainer. A doctor of chiropractic does the same thing. A free initial meeting puts the new client's mind at ease. It attracts new people to you and begins a new relationship.

     Examples: A healthy foods store sets up a daily sample table--free goodies. A bakery does the same thing. New people coming in are introduced to new products and they are impressed with your operation. They linger, they come back, and they refer others. 

     Examples: A lawyer offers free brochures. One explains what to do when you get a traffic ticket. Another explains how to think about your last will and testament. An accountant offers free tax tips in brochures that people can take with them--and bring them back when they have accounting problems. Brochures are easy to prepare and have on hand. Clients appreciate free information from an expert, and they come back to you.

     All of these methods help you expand your reach into the community you serve. Expanding your reach brings in more clients/customers. You keep your business out there in the minds and conversations of people. 

     Attracting new clients and keeping present ones happy is really an easy thing to do. None of these methods cost you much, if anything, except your time. Expanding your business reach can help build your business into a vital part of the community. And referrals result.  

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