Monday, January 12, 2015

Promotion ideas

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     You need to think beyond holidays to promote your business. You can turn any day into a holiday if you think outside the box.

     Example: A florist I know concentrates on promoting his design capabilities. Of course, beautiful flowers are traditional for Mother's Day. It's the biggest day of the year for florists. But he does more. He emails and posts on social media pictures of his designs far ahead of Mother's Day. Beginning in early March, he reaches out to customers, reminding them that he has fresh or custom designs for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate meetings, and more. And, oh yes, remember Mother's Day is coming up. 

     Today's advertising is much more than an ad in the newspaper. And it can be more than a special reminder of an upcoming special day. Social media has seen to this. 

     Example: I know an Internet operation built entirely around brownies. Brownies are shipped anywhere. There is no bricks-and-mortar store. Only Internet orders are filled. Regularly, emails are sent out to customers. The email consists of three words: "Time for brownies?" It accompanies a close-up picture of a scrumptious, chocolaty, nut-filled brownie. That's it. Who can resist? The picture of the brownie creates the need for a personal holiday, and the orders come in--for corporate events, organizational meetings, private parties.

     Thinking outside the box can help you with promotions. You can tap into holiday excitement or create one of your own. Customers are busy with their own lives. And they might appreciate the picture of a floral design or a brownie you send along. You are becoming part of their lives. 

     Example: I know an ice cream parlor (yes, they still exist) that devotes most of its space to special events the customers hold there. Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate get-togethers, and parties are much more fun when held in an old fashioned ice cream parlor. It has the red leather covered stools, the gleaming counter, and black and white tiles cover the floor. Of course, much more than ice cream is offered--with frozen yogurt, sugarless concoctions, biscotti and lattes all around. Instead of being just a summertime destination, the place hops all year. Customers schedule their events, and they don't have to worry about cleaning up.

     Of course you promote for holidays. But don't miss opportunities that can turn every day into a holiday for your customers. 

     Businesses build events around more than food and flowers. Chiropractors, fitness instructors, nutritionists, yoga practitioners and others set up open houses offering free talks, demonstrations, question and answer sessions. These types of events attract community attention--and referrals. 



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