Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Galloping technology

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     Technology moves at an incredible speed. Getting a website for your small business was an early concern. But we've moved far beyond that first website.

     Today's technology offers many alternatives to finding and keeping clients and customers. There are many choices. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more--all these represent paths to growing a business. 

     Then came the app. Many big companies try to reel us in with apps. But the big boys are still learning the ropes. Some do a good job, others not so much.

     Apps differ drastically from the older website. Content on websites is usually lengthy and requires some navigation. Content on apps is very brief and to the point.

     Example: Justine runs a restaurant serving people from a wide area. Many of these customers come from local corporations, businesses, and professional offices. In the past, Justine sent out faxes to regulars showing the special of the day. This brought in diners for lunch who otherwise might have gone elsewhere. But faxes are so, well, yesterday. Justine discontinued the fax in favor of an app for mobile phones. This has taken ordering to a whole new level. Customers now order ahead and their meal is ready when they arrive. Justine still posts on Facebook her mouth-watering creations, and the website still shows the entire menu. But the app has captured the attention of many more.

     Today's tech-savvy customers do not waste their time trying to find you. Today, it's more and more about them, not you. They lose interest with anything that's hard to navigate, that takes multiple steps to get what they are looking for, or that lose track of where they were when they interrupt the experience. 

     Examples: Apps have exploded in popularity. If you are not quite ready to have your own app, consider the other social media. Facebook offers an easy alternative for small businesses. You can post for free or you can buy ads. The list of users is endless--restaurants, dress shops, cafes and pizza shops, fitness centers, gift shops, chiropractors, holistic practitioners, auto repairers, galleries and artists and artisans. Quick pictures uploaded to your social media pages attract customers and referrals. 

     Get on board today's galloping technology. If you already have a website, take it to the next level with Facebook.  Consider having your own app. Hey! You have to keep up. Apple is changing the way you'll get paid in the future. One day you'll be explaining to tomorrow's kids just what a credit card was. 

     The marketplace is on the move. Galloping technology provides the horsepower today. Are you still driving a stagecoach? How about slipping behind the wheel of a Lamborghini?   

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