Monday, June 29, 2015

Business handwriting

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     There is a move afoot in education to eliminate the teaching of cursive writing, or handwriting. Instead, kids learn capital letters--or they simply text everything.

     This is depersonalization of the language. It is rampant today. And it is bad for business.

     Example: Ella runs a bakery, and some of her popular products are cakes. People order cakes to be decorated for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and other special occasions. When Ella needed to hire another employee, she found that many of the applicants did not know handwriting--a major requirement for decorating and putting the finishing touches on cakes. 

     Example: Alice runs an embroidery service. People want their names embroidered on uniforms and other items. Many prefer the writing to appear as if handwritten. While the computers Alice uses does most of the work, even with fonts that imitate handwriting, her employees must know how to proofread the finished product. Many don't.

     Example: Bob is an expert auto technician with 40 years experience. He and his people tackle all sorts of mechanical and electrical repairs. The shop has the latest computerized equipment. Today, diagnosis of problems would be impossible without taking a reading from the auto's computers. When the repair job is done, Bob provides the client with a computerized summary of what was done. Nevertheless, Bob always makes extensive handwritten notes "on the run" as each auto moves through the shop. These handwritten notes are kept with the files so that they can be consulted later. Bob has found it invaluable. 

     If all you use to make notes is some fancy computerized device, what will you do when the power/battery goes down? How will you understand handwritten instructions from a client? 

     Handwriting is back-up. People who know how to quickly make handwritten notes will have a big advantage in a crisis.

     If schools won't teach your children how to do handwriting, do it yourself. One day, they will thank you.   

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