Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Social media pathways

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     Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple--that's just the beginning. Then comes LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more than you can keep track of.

     You have many avenues open to your growing your small business. Many find it confusing. But there's a way to thread your way through all the possibilities.

     It's simple. Think of your trip to the supermarket. You pick your way through the fresh fruits and vegetables, the dairy displays, the cereal aisle, and so on. Soon your shopping cart is full and you check out. You have the things you need for the next few days.

     The easiest starting point with social media is Facebook. Go on the site, follow the quick and easy steps and your business shines forth. You post pictures (see yesterday's blog) and a FEW words. It can take less than five minutes and you're done with your advertising for the day.

     Example: Lori runs a hair salon. She snaps pictures of every hair style and curl she completes (no faces). Then she posts them on her Facebook page with a very brief comment. (Sometimes the comment is just "Wow!") The pictures get passed around and they attract more clients.

     Example: Joe runs a bakery. He snaps pictures of his hands preparing a cake in stages. The pictures tell a story and he posts on Pinterest--no words, just the pictures. Lots of interest is generated and additional clients show up.

     Example: Diane is a photographer. She published an e-book on Amazon at no cost to her. Then she regularly posted "tease" pictures on LinkedIn, pointing people to her Amazon e-book. There were a few sales of the book, but importantly, more people called her to arrange for her fine photography services.

     The possibilities are endless for using free social media to promote your business. The key is to use all those pictures you continually snap. Pictures attract attention and point people back to your operation (store, website, e-book, blog, newsletter).

     Instead of that extra trip to the supermarket, get some of those pictures working for your business. Post on social media and track the results. Figure out what works best for you.

     With all the options available to you, your advertising becomes a breeze. The easiest place to begin is Facebook.    

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