Friday, October 9, 2015

Multi-business promotions

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     Successful businesses promote. Ways to promote vary widely. What works for a therapist might not work so well for an auto repair shop. 

     Some promotional activities work well in many businesses. Open houses, networking events, informational sessions and demonstrations can work for just about any business.

     Two or more businesses can join together to hold a promotional event that benefits both businesses. The event can be easy to organize and cost little.

     Example: Spas and salons can bring in holistic practitioners to offer introductory sessions explaining their services. The sessions create buzz for the spas and salons, not only among regular clients but among referrals as well. The sessions can lead to more substantive sessions for nutritionists, hypnotherapists and massage experts. Such promotions can lead to permanent arrangements between the salon and the therapist, leading to the establishment of a wellness center. 

     Example: A small neighborhood restaurant brings in a group of musicians who perform Irish music on authentic instruments. The musicians do it for the love of the music--and a venue where they can practice and perform. People come to expect the music every Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant is more successful than before. Both parties win with this type of promotion.

     Example: A video production company teams with several computer experts to offer free sessions and demonstrations open to the public. The sessions attract people in business who get answers to their questions on computer equipment and software problems. These people also get an introduction to the marketing advantages of video. A local caterer has joined the sessions, furnishing food to the attendees. It has become a regular monthly multi-business promotional event.

     Example: A garden center hosts free sessions by experienced gardeners and landscapers. The events attract homeowners who contract with the landscapers and buy materials from the garden center. 

     Multi-business promotions can be very effective in attracting new customer streams. With these types of promotions, you are coming at prospective customers from a different angle of interest.

     To set up a multi-business promotion, think outside the box. What types of new customers do I want to attract? What are they interested in? What other non-competing businesses can help attract attention? 

     Once you've decided on a promotion, and once you've homed in on a partnering business, it's time to promote the promotion. Get the word out on social media--well in advance of the big day.  

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