Friday, October 30, 2015

Promotional pictures

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     You already know the value of using social media to promote your business. You snap those pictures all the time and post them on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever.

     The whole idea on social media is to use pictures to attract attention. Wellness centers show pictures of hands working on a client's backside. A home improvement specialist shows pictures of bathrooms turned into spas. A bakery reaches out with pictures of awesomely designed cakes.

     But you don't have to use your own products and services to grab some eyeballs. Pets always attract attention as do close-ups of various things in nature.

     Example: Ted is as chiropractor. His website and his posts on Facebook always include his dog. The dog is big, active, friendly and lovable. Ted takes many pictures of the dog--showing him running, jumping, chasing a ball, carrying a stick, or curled up asleep. With his pictures, Ted is getting across the message of  an active, pain-free life style. His chiropractic message is not about bones and muscles--that discussion is on Ted's website, awaiting viewers who want to know more. Ted's dog is the message. The pictures on social media is upfront, attention-getting, and draws the viewer inside. 

     Example: Tom operates an independent pest control business. To promote his services, Tom takes close-up pictures of bugs and post them on his website. Close-ups of roaches, spiders, termites and ants are regulars on his Facebook pages. But he really made a hit when the town experienced an invasion of stink bugs. He posted pictures--not only of individual bugs, but hundreds of the insects littering sidewalks. The calls came in for Tom to get rid of the pests.

     Example: Susan operates a women's clothing and accessories shop. Her customers are well-heeled and discriminating. Susan entices them with close-up pictures of clothing patterns, stitching, buttons and the like. She rarely takes pictures of entire outfits, opting instead for the fine details and quality workmanship that her customers care about.

     Put your creativity to work in your promotional pictures. Close--ups of just about anything can be attention-getting. Pictures of pets and flowers can pop your message on social media.

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