Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Social media promotions

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     If you don't use Facebook and other social media to promote your business, you are missing opportunities that are easy and quick.

     Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other platforms are useful additions to your marketing toolbox. Everyone who runs a small business deserves to make use of them.

     First, it's easy to set up your business on social media. Even if you are not computer-savvy, you can follow simple directions and be up to speed and running smoothly very quickly. Just go to the site, and they lead you through it. You can buy an ad, but start out with the freebie route.

     Second, social media pages put a friendly face on your business. Everyone snaps digital pictures these days. Photos are easily uploaded to your Facebook page, for example. Social media platforms are different in their requirements, but I recommend beginning with Facebook. Get your feet wet and then check out other platforms

     Third, social media platforms make maintenance easy and cheap. You don't need an expert, like you might if you are developing your website. With Facebook, for example, you simply check in, post one of those photos you've taken, say a few words (the fewer, the better), and you are done with your promotion for the day.

     Fourth, social media platforms bring you new clients/customers. Social media spreads the word and brings in referrals. People tend to pass your photos around, getting your business in front of more eyeballs.

     Keep in mind that social media is not a brochure. It's not an ad--although they will sell you one if you like. Social media is more like a scroll--unfolding day by day or week by week. It's not static, it changes as you put more input up. And you are making the changes yourself.

     Photos are the key. Bakers photograph every cake made. Florists show every arrangement before it goes out the door. A massage therapist photographs hands working on a subject. A landscaper show one beautiful blooming plant after another. Pest exterminators show endless pictures of bugs. Mechanics at repair shops show hands fiddling with something under the vehicle hood. 

     Don't try to be professional. Aim for being informative, humorous with a little craziness thrown in for good measure. You're having fun, not taking photos to be displayed in an art gallery. 

     You can promote your business in many ways. Almost all cost dollars. But social media opportunities reach far beyond others and they can be free.


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